Knitting of the Sun
-A Daughter of Valley Wind

IFLA world congress, IFLA 2022 EXPO
The soil here in Jeolla-do, southern par tof Korea is sandy loam, which is good in draining, supportive of plants roots, and rich innutrition. Plants here characterizes the deep and damp mountain valleys that embrace abundant morning sunlight.
There grow primitive and resilent plants. Primitive Lepisorus thunbergianus grows in abundance. Season is somewhere between winter and spring. Near the first rainfall, the valleys are full of L. harai scent which smells a young girl. Rosa multiflora and Megaleranthiss aniculifolia are stunning in May. Tall Lindera erythrocarpa and Carpinus laxiflora block the harsh valley wind, and Ligustrum obtusifolium and Zanthoxylum schinifolium help control sunlight and wind to keep favorable temperature and humidity.